My name is Laura.

I write about life in east Tennessee, where I live with my husband in the woods on the Cumberland Plateau. After bouncing around the public radio world for a few years, I now work at America's oldest cast iron cookware manufacturer, Lodge Cast Iron, in South Pittsburg, Tennessee. I love my job.

I grew up on an old farm, full of cousins and box turtles, spring orchids and moonshine stills rusting in the woods. Maybe because of that, I feel drawn to the narratives of places, especially rural, Southern ones. I write often about what connects people to their  surroundings. I'm curious about how our experiences with wonder and beauty influence us.

Swooning Blue began in 2008 when I received a Watson Fellowship to travel around the world for one year studying unusual clouds.  I traveled to Australia to see the morning glory cloud, to Sweden to see nacreous clouds (my favorite clouds), and also to IcelandNew ZealandNorway, and Scotland.  The early pages of my blog documented my travels.

But since then, Swooning Blue has become a place where I write about beauty and curiosity in everyday life, especially in rural Tennessee.

Thanks for stopping by.

Great Nature has another thing to do   

To you and me; so take the lively air,   

And, lovely, learn by going where to go.

-Theodore Roethke