The Ivy Crown.

I read this at a friend's wedding last weekend. 

Daffodil time is past. 

This is summer, summer!

the heart says,

and not even the full of it.

No doubts are permitted—

though they will come

and may before our time overwhelm us.

We are only mortal

but being mortal can defy our fate.

We may by an outside chance even win!

At our age the imagination

across the sorry facts

lifts us

to make roses

stand before thorns.


love is cruel

and selfish

and totally obtuse—

at least, blinded by the light,

young love is.

But we are older,

I to love

and you to be loved,

we have,

no matter how,

by our wills survived

to keep

the jeweled prize


at our finger tips.

We will it so

and so it is

past all accident.


William Carlos Williams, fromThe Ivy Crown