Poem: the gravity of the moon.

I wrote this poem several years ago and came across it recently. It was inspired by Alice Oswald.

                               Tennessee River, mile 455.2, 2010.

                              Tennessee River, mile 455.2, 2010.

Close your eyes.

Imagine the softest places -

light on petals resting, an infants sigh on a grown-up shoulder,

the white pocket inside your elbow,

a waterspider stepping on the surface of a puddle -

and put them aside. Now think of warmth.

The candle´s gold, the way two bodies fit

together, how to fall asleep in a cloud

of goose down...


Now marry the two. Laugh at their dance -

like flappers to jazz or bonfire shadows

in a fluttering trance. Spin them

and spin them in a cool silken web,

watch the dew gather like dreams

condensing on a pillow before bed.


Now untie these thoughts, one by one,

slip the loop deftly from its home in your head

and let them float away towards the gravity

of the moon.